What do writing and a wardrobe have in common?

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It’s Saturday. I’ve just finished polishing an adaptive translation. I had promised myself that, this week-end, I would – finally! – sort through my closet to make some (much needed) space.

This is *not* my closet :)

So what can writing and a wardrobe have in common?
Useless elements.
Lack of style.
And by the way, no this is not my closet :).

You can apply techniques used to polish copy to sort out your wardrobe.

  • Why use three words when one will do? (Just *how many* black pants do you own?)
  • How can you avoid using the passive voice? (You bought that sweater in Amsterdam in 1981, it’s had a good life.)
  • Are some sentences too long? Can they be cut? (You keep up this shoe fetish, we’ll start calling you Imelda.)
  • Do your ideas flow in a coherent order? (No wonder it takes forever to find something, the spaghetti strap dresses are next to the ski pants.)
  • Are you using punctuation wisely, enhancing readability? (Give it up: you’ve tried for 5 years, the stain on your favorite silk blouse is never going to come out.)
  • Is there any jargon left you should dispense with? (Miniskirts are not coming back, or, when they do, you shouldn’t be caught dead in one. Pitch.)

Getting the idea?

P.S. Remember: you may no longer need or want these clothes, but they can help others. There are Freecycle groups all over the world and local non-profit groups you can contact.


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