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My two websites, Lokahi and Quill were with different web hosting providers and registrars and this blog previously was with Blogger. Dealing with three different platforms was inefficient, and I was not happy with the support services provided, which ranged from either terribly slow to nil.

A colleague recommended Mavenhosting, which I had never heard of. Their service plans seemed to offer everything I was looking for and more. I was dubious at first as their front-end website does not provide as much information as a programming newbie and network neophyte might need, but one of my hosting plans was coming up for renewal so I took the plunge.

I’m sold.

Aside from the 40% reduction in my overall web hosting budget once the transfers are done, what did I gain?
More web space
Cpanel management tools
Web software, including WordPress (no need to host your blog on WordPress.com and no design editing limitations!)
Multidomain hosting and management from one account
And much more.

The icing on the cake, which in the last few days has saved me from pulling my hair out, is superb, responsive, quick support by email, 24/7. None of this “closed on Sunday”, limited office hours, autoresponse “we got your email, we’ll respond eventually” nonsense professionals have no time for.

These folks in Quebec take client satisfaction seriously, they walk the talk.

Thanks, Mavenhosting!

A few days later

There’s been a severe heatwave here in Savoie. My garden is toast; there will be no rasberry jam or ratatouille to brighten up the long winter ahead. Quebec, though, has had a few rainy days lately; William over at Mavenhosting offered to share some.

Pluie du Québec



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