"Write or die"

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Do you write for a living? Or write copy to promote your own work?

Do you find yourself staring at a blank word processing screen or procrastinating turning on your computer?

Are you motivated by reward (“quick wins”) or by sanction? Or a combination of both?

Then this little web app is for you. I stumbled onto Dr. Wicked’s Writing Lab this morning and am using Write or Die to compose this post. I gave myself 15 minutes and set it to Kamikaze Mode.

I am motivated by both carrots and sticks. Write or Die helps me focus my thoughts so I can keep typing away and rewards me when I have met my word count and time goals.

But should my mind wander off somewhere (“Is there any coffee left?” “Does the dog need to go for a walk?” “Egatz, I’ll never make this deadline…”), it punishes my waning discipline. The sanction in Kamikaze Mode is stiff: your prose is erased, one painful word at a time (there are tamer settings for those times a gentle reminder is enough).

Check out Dr.Wicked’s website and see how his web apps and advice can help you get writing.


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