Do people really know what you do?

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Full credit for inspiring this post goes to Mitch Joel at Twist Image and his blog, Six Pixels of Separation.

In yesterday’s post, Nobody Knows What You’re Talking About, Mitch argues that we know what we do so well that we have a hard time explaining it clearly to others.

And “others” aren’t just clients and prospects.

“Others” = everyone you come across since, as we all know, referrals are the single best way to land new business.

Can you type this in [foreign language] for me?
Folks, if you can’t explain what you do well,
how can you market your expert skills
and bill what they are worth?

To prove his point, he used a video Google had uploaded to YouTube where they conducted 50 street interviews in New York City asking people “What is a browser?”.

Easy question, right? Such a ubiquitous tool in our lives, everyone knows what it is, ya’think? Surprise:

YouTube – What Is A Browser?


In three sentences or less, what do you tell people you do?


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