To Do lists 21 days before Christmas – Freelancers, what's still on yours?

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December is a crazy month for freelancers. It’s shorter than February and has  a broader variety of items that make their way on to your To Do list – personal and professional. It’s a joyous and sometimes stressful time. Don’t let some critical matters fall through the cracks – and don’t forget to spread that holiday spirit around!

Folks, tell me I’m not frighteningly behind.

What’s left on your To Do list? What have you checked off?

Here’s mine (clearly, in no particular order) – what have I forgotten?

  • Design and order holiday cards
  • Update holiday card mailing database
  • Attend Presentation Zen and enjoy Tweetup the night before
  • Order foie gras
  • Buy client gifts
  • Send checks to my favorite charities
  • Attend SFT annual meeeting
  • Buy packaging to send gifts
  • Address holiday cards
  • Assemble documents for accountant (ouch, I hate filing)
  • Issue invoices
  • Finish client brochure copywriting project
  • Prepare day-long brainstorming session for new client next week
  • Get haircut (this might need to go at the top of the list)
  • Order Christmas tree
  • Somehow, find time for two client lunches before 12/15
  • Relicense Wordfast
  • Pick up dry cleaning (how long do they keep stuff before it disappears?)
  • Clean up the house!
  • Review what needs changing before FR and US tax law changes effective January 1
  • Ponder what marketing strategies worked this year and priorities for 2011
  • Update my book of recent projects (yay!)
  • Pay local and professional taxes (yuck)
  • Schedule car tune-up
  • Get snow wheels put on car
  • Most importantly, make list of all the reasons I have to be grateful, especially during the holidays.

My family and friends get top billing. Without them, would anything make sense or be worthwhile?

Close behind, clients, colleagues, and this blog’s faithful readers. Thank you. You keep me on my toes, you make life interesting, you help me keep learning and feel challenged, and, often, you make me laugh!


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  • Thanks for this post, Patricia, and mostly for all the sound advice you provide on this blog, especially to newcomers in the freelance translation business like me. I’ve been reading your posts for months, since the middle of my degree course earlier this year, and it’s been a great source of info and food for thought since I started freelancing 2 months ago. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

    • What a kind message! Thank you so much, Nelia — for making my day, finding this blog helpful to you, and for your faithful participation in this little virtual community! Have a terrific and productive next couple of weeks, and enjoy the spirit of the holidays!

  • Nelia took the words out of my mouth! I too have been reading your blog for months and have learned so much about translating, freelancing, working with the French… I especially appreciate the time you spent working on the transcreation post, meeting with me in person, and giving me some translator-to-translator advice. Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Thank you, Catherine! And again, you are very welcome. Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for 2011.