Top 10 articles 2010-2011

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In case you’ve missed some, here are the top ten most read posts over the past 12 months according to Google Analytics (an even split between articles in English and French):

  1. Comment rédiger une proposition (March 2010)
  2. High context v. low context cultures and getting your message across (August 2009)
  3. Traducteurs : comment développer une nouvelle spécialisation (October 2010)
  4. Translators: 6 steps to develop a translation specialization (June 2010)
  5. Five reasons why it’s hard to say no to a client (April 2011)
  6. Guide de la transcréation (March 2011)
  7. Devis ou proposition : quelle différence ? (February 2010)
  8. Valoriser son expérience quand on n’en a pas beaucoup (April 2010)
  9. Speech writing for and coaching a non-native speaker (May 2011)
  10. Knowing how your brain works can boost your productivity (May 2010)


 Among my personal favorites that did not (yet) make it to the Top 10 list, I’d include:

  1. Le couple prospect-prestataire : décryptez-vous efficacement (November 2010)
  2. Communication interculturelle : ajustez le curseur dans vos courriels (October 2010)
  3. Silence, a powerful negotiation tool (April 2010)
  4. Professional service firm web copy: speak with me, not at me (March 2010)


What subjects would you like to read about? Feel free to send in your suggestions and requests by leaving a comment below.











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